Does Travelling Affect IVF Success Rates?


Does Travelling Affect IVF Success Rates?

Travelling per se, either by land or air will not affect IVF success. Should you need to travel for IVF treatment, avoid vibrations such as speeding or travelling over bumpy roads.

Patient NH, has been wanting a child for over 16 years and had been to several centers and finally came to Metro IVF in December 2020 for her 1st IVF.

Her husband would start driving with her at 7.00am from Kuala Lipis for 4 hours to reach Metro IVF. He drove smoothly and avoided speeding as well as bumps.
She had her in the middle of March 2021. Her UPT was positive, and bhcg test indication 650iu/l, indicating she is pregnant.

She said “sudah lama tunggu, 16 tahun, dekat 17” (It was a long wait. 16 years, almost 17)

Congratulations to NH and her supportive husband.

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